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Change is hard. We all know that. But at some point, every business has to go through it. Whether it’s a change in direction, a change in leadership, or a change in the market, transformation is a necessary part of growth. And that’s where we come in.

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Office Presentation

How to Make Presentation Engaging: The Power of Storytelling

How is giving a successful presentation similar to storytelling? A presentation is about telling a particular tale, conveying information in an interesting way, and leaving your audience wanting more.

Fear of change

The Fear of Change: Why Is It So Hard For People And Companies To Accept Change?

Why is it so hard for individuals and companies to accept change? We all have fears of the unknown. But, if you’re going to succeed in your business you have to be willing to embrace change.

Latest Posts

Staff training

How to train your employees for change

Proper training of employees prior to implementing changes will help ensure a smooth transition and prevent any disruptions in productivity.

Business Environment

Why Is Internal Business Environment Important?

Every business maintains an environmental relationship on two fronts: an internal and external environment, but why is the internal so important?

Office overload

What Is the Problem With Having Too Many KPIs?

To achieve your business goals you must need a lot of KPIs right?  Wrong!  Having a huge list of KPIs can actually have unintended consequences.

CSR Gift

What Is the Difference Between CSR and Strategic CSR?

Situations relating to sustainability have created a paradigm shift where companies care about society as much as their brand.

Program manager

What Are the Elements of Program Management?

Given the all-encompassing nature of business programs, you’re probably wondering what the key elements are.

Business investigation

When Should a Company Use Situation Framework?

Problems requiring detailed investigations arise within organizations, and a structured thinking pattern is all you need to unravel the solution to modern business challenges.