Business Operations

Business operations are critical aspects of every business organization. It is therefore important to understand their impact on the success of any business organization.

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Can You Be a Project Manager Without Technical Skills?

Like other forms of management, project managers get things done through others. So do they need technical skills?

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Why Do We Use Frameworks in Business Consulting?

Businesses can benefit from having a consultant to help them overcome issues and streamline the process. Frameworks are a big way that helps business consultants to accomplish just that.

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Why Is Internal Business Environment Important?

Every business maintains an environmental relationship on two fronts: an internal and external environment, but why is the internal so important?

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What Is the Problem With Having Too Many KPIs?

To achieve your business goals you must need a lot of KPIs right?  Wrong!  Having a huge list of KPIs can actually have unintended consequences.

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What Is the Difference Between CSR and Strategic CSR?

Situations relating to sustainability have created a paradigm shift where companies care about society as much as their brand.

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When Should a Company Use Situation Framework?

Problems requiring detailed investigations arise within organizations, and a structured thinking pattern is all you need to unravel the solution to modern business challenges.

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What Are the Tools To Communicate CSR Activities?

A business cannot grow without having more people support its cause, and a business can only get massive support from publicly communicating its philosophies, ideals, mission and vision through CSR communication tools. 

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Companies That Help Grow Your Business

Businesses now engage in partnerships and collaborations while maintaining a healthy competition necessary for advancing the corporate world and global economy. 

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Who Are the Most Important External Stakeholders?

Knowing who stakeholders are and how they influence your business process is critical for success. 

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Why Is Strategic Planning Difficult?

Strategic planning is critical to the success of any organization as it creates the means for the establishment to time travel into the future.