Specialized Services


The specialized professional services of the Change Strategists, Inc. staff include working with health care systems as well as with educational systems and other government services. In these areas our processes are similar to our work in the corporate/business arena but differ in relation to the specific issues of these fields.



Health Care

Health care systems have undergone rapid changes over the past decade and can expect ever-increasing change in the future. As we continue to work with leaders in the field our focus is on the change efforts that relate, in particular, to: capital allocation; quality and patient safety; physician relationship within the system; community benefit and community responsiveness; and consumer-focused practices.

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Education and Other Government Services

Dramatic changes impacting standardized public services now require that these areas seek ways to respond quickly, flexibly and effectively to the rapidly changing needs of the country.

Leadership and strategy become invaluable in environments where cultures and practices are changing dramatically.


At Change Strategists, Inc. our firm's members have the expertise and experience to guide school, university and other public systems through process mapping and organizational redesign; strategy studies; team building processes; personnel development; management and personnel performance evaluations; performance improvement processes. We also provide professional expertise in executive coaching and the technical design/conduct of succession studies.

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