Our Expertise

Within the organizational corporate structure of Change Strategists, Inc., organizational change specialists, our high-level professional expertise allows us to offer client services in the following areas:ourexpertise3

- Change Management Strategies
- Opportunity Identification Studies
- Corporate Intelligence
- Modeling for Scenario Development
- Strategy Studies
- Organizational Design
- Organizational Development and Change Processes
- Program/Project Management
- Critical Path Management (CPM)
- Earned Value Management
- Management Evaluation/Assessment Design
- Efficiency/Productivity Studies
- Team Building
- Performance Evaluations
- Financial Due-Diligence
- Design of Financial Systems and Controls
- Financial Studies and Applications
- Executive Coaching
- Succession Studies
- Process Mapping, Redesign
- Performance Improvement
- Leadership Development

There are 45 experienced professional in the firm, all of whom hold MBA and/or doctoral degrees, with business, corporate, management and organizational psychology backgrounds. This combination of high quality experience and demonstrated corporate expertise allows us to provide extensive opportunities of assistance for our clients in the management of all challenges associates with organizational change, growth and market share assurances.

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